Garden open day in Brixton…

Together with our lovely neighbours, we opened our garden last Sunday as part of the NGS yellow book scheme to raise money for Macmillan Nurses and St. Christopher’s Hospice. We baked cakes, borrowed a tea urn, endlessly tended to the garden, potted up plants and generally fussed about. We had lots of help too – friends baked, neighbours dug up plants for us to add to our sale, children manned the cake stall. It was a lot of work and thoroughly enjoyable. Oh god, though, how middle aged can you get?

Want to know how much money we raised? I told my mum that I would be thrilled if, between both gardens, we managed £1000. She looked at me aghast. She said £160 would be more like it. So, OK, I said, and duly adjusted my dillusional expectations.

Excuse me mum, but we raised £1640! 300 people came through the doors and were fed, given tea and sold plants. Here are a few snaps.

Some of the traffic in our garden, including Bow-wow the dog.

An example of what they were looking at. Nepeta, Rosa Mundi and Peonies in our border.

Our neigbour’s tea tent and staff. A huge hit.

The question I was asked most was about this rose. What is it and where can one get it? It’s a french rose called Pierre de Ronsard and it’s lovely in every way, except that it lacks a scent. It makes up for this by growing easily, climbing beautifully and being magnificent to look at – the roses start off as the palest green buds and open out to pale pink flowers. It repeats all summer too.

Here it is in close up. Fabulous or what? You can get it from Peter Beales Roses. He calls it Eden Rose ’88.

— Daisy
25th May 2011