Ben Pentreath’s blog

Ben Pentreath is an architect, who also has one of the best shops in London (and online). He writes a regular blog which we love. Here is why. For one thing, we have Ben Pentreath-lifestyle envy and enjoy feeding that pain. The house! The garden! Those borders! The trips to Scotland and New York! The Victorian cloches protecting, you just know, only the most delicious types of lettuce seedlings. Where are our glass cloches? But just before we’re sent completely over the edge, he posts something delicious and accessible for all of us to enjoy. We heard about tube crush on his blog. Get thee to that site, quick. We saw the first-kiss-high-five youtube clip there too. Or check out the photo of Princess Anne and the swim team. So cheering. Thanks, Ben! Plus, on a more practical level, it’s a great site for stealing all kinds of lifestyle ideas, from what colour to paint your sitting room to which tulips to plant come autumn.

Ben Pentreath's shop and blog
Blog and website: open all hours. Shop open Mon - Sat, 11am-6pm
Ben Pentreath, 17 Rugby Street, Bloomsbury, WC1N 3QT
020 7430 2526
— Daisy
10th June 2011


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