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Film and talks: Vivienne Westwood, Sam Taylor-Wood, Kazuo Ishiguro and more in conversation about their favourite ‘sinful’ films

What a great idea this is: the Barbican have rounded up some of London’s most interesting, creative people and asked them which favourite film of theirs explores one of the seven deadly sins.  They are then showing these films with the artist/author etc in conversation afterwards.  So from 2nd November to 9th December, you can catch Sam Taylor-Wood talking about envy in The Talented Mr Ripley; Nick Broomfield about sloth in Woman of the Dunes; Richard Ayoade on sloth in The Graduate; composer Zbigniew Preisner on pride in A Short Film about Killing (directed by his long-time collaborator Krzysztof Kieslowski); Brazilian film maker Marcos Jorge on gluttony in Estômago: A Gastronomic Story; Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod from Cheek by Jowl on lust in Le Plaisir; Kazuo Ishiguro on pride in The Silence of the Sea; Andrea Arnold on wrath in Carrie; Stephen Frears on wrath in Fish Tank; Jake and Dinos Chapman on lust in The Offence; Mike Leigh on greed in Baby Face; Vivienne Westwood on gluttony in La Grande Bouffe and Michael Nyman on lust in Silent Light. Phew!  It’s quite a collection.  Plus tickets are a bargain £12.50 – less than a seat at a West End cinema.

Great minds talking about their favourite 'sinful' films at the Barbican
2 Nov - 9 Dec 2012: Sam Taylor-Wood & The Talented Mr Ripley , 2 Nov, 7.30pm; Nick Broomfield & Woman of the Dunes, 4 Nov, 7pm; Richard Ayoade & The Graduate, 5 Nov, 7pm; Zbigniew Preisner & A Short Film about Killing, 11 Nov, 6.30pm; Marcos Jorge & Estômago: A Gastronomic Story, 12 Nov, 7.30pm; Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod & Le Plaisir, 17 Nov, 8.30pm; Kazuo Ishiguro & The Silence of the Sea, 19 Nov, 7.30pm; Andrea & Carrie, 21 Nov, 7pm; Stephen Frears & Fish Tank, 23 Nov, 7.30pm; Jake and Dinos Chapman & The Offence, 25 Nov, 6.30pm; Mike Leigh & Baby Face, 26 Nov, 7.30pm; Vivienne Westwood & La Grande Bouffe, 6 Dec, 7.30pm and Michael Nyman & Silent Light, 9 Dec, 6.30pm
The Barbican Cinema, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS

— Francesca
18th October 2012