Liberty’s brilliant in-house tailor

Did you know that Liberty’s even has a tailor?  We didn’t until we were shopping there recently and bought a jacket that needed some small alterations.  Hanne Laitinen has been working as a tailor for over forty years and has managed the atelier in Liberty’s for over ten.  She (and her team) work especially closely with Jenny Packham and do much of the designer’s exquisite beading but they can also do a whole range of other tailoring too.  From moving a button to copying your favourite dress to creating something from scratch, which Hanne will do with toiles and several fittings, it really is a great service and with costs starting at only £5, it isn’t too costly either.  Plus if you can’t make it to Liberty’s, Hanne will happily come to your home or office instead.  And our jacket?  It fits so perfectly, we’ve been back since with a coat.

Simply Tailored Ltd at Liberty
Liberty Studio, Liberty, Great Malborough Street, W1B 5AH
From £5
020 7573 9533/
— Francesca
1st November 2012