Beauty: the best eyelash curling mascara and how to get the perfect eyebrows

Recently, we tweeted about Lancôme’s new Hypnôse Star Mascara and received a flurry of messages in return. They were all along the same lines: that this is the most brilliant mascara anyone has bought in ages. And while other mascaras promise you the world and do nothing new, this one’s ability to curve lashes is uncanny. And, where often curve means clump, that’s simply not the case with this one. Plus, if you lust after a Duchess of Cambridge style full brow but can’t take back years of over-plucking, fill in the baldy bits with Lancôme’s Le Regard Pro Brow Expertise Kit. It contains three shades for faking fuller brows, a highlighting powder and a pair of tweezers.  Genius.

Hypnôse Star Mascara & Le Regard Pro Brow Expertise Kit
Mascara: £21. Brow Expertise Kit: £33

Buy mascara here and Brow Expertise Kit here

— Francesca
24th January 2013