God’s Own Junkyard

Chris Bracey’s neon artworks have been used in magazine shoots, glossy ad campaigns and Hollywood movies from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to The Dark Knight – they also grace the homes of endless A-listers. Now his neon mecca, God’s Own Junkyard, has relocated (after developers bought his previous base after a spirited battle to save it) to a site four times the size and it’s well worth a visit to Walthamstow to see it. Packed with salvaged pieces, old movie props, light sculptures and original circus and fairground pieces made by Bracey’s father who started the family firm in the 50s, the vast studio houses one of the biggest collections of neons in the world and they are wittily showcased in all their trashy, statementy, colourful brilliance. Bracey’s artworks sell at the Scream Gallery where he is currently part of a group typography show, Telling Tales but better still head to the God’s Own Junkyard pop-up at Selfridges where you can buy smaller pieces including simple illuminated letters.

God's Own Junkyard
Unit 12, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street, E17 9HQ
020 8521 8066
— Clare
1st January 2014