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Guided City Guides

The best guides for a trip – whether to a city or anywhere else – are friends who can really give you the low down on the wonderful places to eat and hang out, beautifully designed boutique hotels to sleep in or brilliantly edited unique shops to visit. Guided was put together by travel and lifestyle quarterly Cereal magazine on exactly that basis; to provide destination guides to unearthed places you really do want to visit from inspiring retail spaces to an off-the-beaten track eatery you would otherwise have little hope of discovering to the museums and galleries that really are worth a visit. Each guide is beautifully shot and clearly laid out – these aren’t exhaustive city guides – but then who really needs any more than a dozen places to go per destination? And as they are all online they will be regularly updated with new places too. There are ten cities to start with (London, Bath, Bristol, Paris, Hong Kong, Austin, New York, Los Angeles, Charleston and Vancouver) and they will be followed by ten more. And as well as being smartphone and tablet friendly each one can also be down-loaded if you want to use them off-line.

Guided City Guides
£20 for an annual subscription
— Clare
18th February 2014