Corinne Day: May The Circle Remain Unbroken

Four years after her untimely death, and a couple of decades after her most ground-breaking work, Corinne Day is still an influential, and frequently referenced photographer. Last autumn, after a long and emotional curation period, her husband Mark Szaszy gathered together her work for an exhibition, May The Circle Remain Unbroken. A book was supposed to accompany the show and now, a year later it’s finally being published. Focussing on Day’s early work from 1987 – 1996, the book is a snapshot of her grungy realism that captured her friends and collaborators including up and coming models such as Rosemary Ferguson, Georgina Cooper and, most famously, Kate Moss in stripped-down, gritty and often controversial images. It became a hugely influential aesthetic that would eventually morph with the American grunge movement. Day had an uneasy relationship with the fashion industry – leaving it altogether after the heroin chic furore that her images of Moss et al provoked, and instead working with bands from Primal Scream to Pearl Jam. Yet her work remains so connected to the 90s and so influential to this day making this book a very desirable snapshot of the era.



Corinne Day: May The Circle Remain Unbroken
— Clare
12th August 2014