Book now for Golem’s transfer to the West End

We saw Golem at the Young Vic after hearing and reading stupendous reports about how good it was and how unusual. The reports were right. We’d never seen anything like it, but we didn’t write about it because it had already sold out. So we’re thrilled that it’s transferring to Trafalgar Studios on 14th April for a short run. Do try and see it. As its name suggests, it’s about a man who creates a creature out of clay to work for him and so make his life easier (ha!). But the story is the least reason to see this play (every man-creates-creature story, after all, tends to follow the same narrative arc). But goodness are there other reasons. 1927, the much lauded theatre company behind the production, combine animation, illustration, music and performance to an astonishing effect. It’s the most precise piece of theatre we’ve ever seen and yet totally punk-rock at the same time. It’s also a play you can take teenagers too – to say it’s like a comic book come to life doesn’t do it justice, but there’s an aspect of that to it which will appeal to them. And, apart from anything else, it’s fun. It’s an intense experience, watching it, because there is just so much to take in, but at 90 minutes long (with no interval) it doesn’t make the mistake of going on too long. We urge you to see it. Book today!

Golem, Created by 1927
14 April - 22 May, 2015. Monday - Saturday: 8pm. Matinees: Thursday & Saturday: 2.30pm
Trafalgar Studios, 14 Whitehall, SW1A 2DY
£20 - £45
0844 871 7632
— Daisy
4th March 2015