Anna-Marie Solowij’s top 5 favourite BeautyMart products

Barely Prep, Blot and Blend Sponge – This is a make-up sponge for applying skincare, primer and concealer – basically all the steps before foundation and other make-up. It makes a real visible difference to the quality of the skin. I had never considered applying moisturiser or eye cream with a sponge before but now I won’t use anything else. The sponge should be used wet – it swells up satisfyingly to a third more than its size when squeezed in water. The wetness prevents the over-absorption of product, makes everything go on more smoothly and helps moisturise skin.

Get a Grip – these are brightly coloured barettes that you can wear singly or in multiples. They look great on any hairstyle, both to hold hair in place or as decoration. I wear three to clip my hair up in a chignon.

MDMFlow – Florence Adepoju is a young cosmetic scientist with a love of hip hop culture and her brand is the result of this. This particular lipstick is a perfect matte candy pink but it actually becomes brighter as it wears as the act of pressing lips together releases colour pigments. Each lipstick is handmade by Flo in her parents’ garden shed. I love that something so chic and slick comes out of such a domestic set-up.

Biore charcoal strip – It’s fair to say I’m obsessed with these. There is something yuckily satisfying about deep cleaning your pores. These nasal strips are charcoal impregnated and as you know, charcoal is a hot trend ingredient at the moment.

AmazingConcealer. I was always a fan of Estee Lauder’s Double Wear concealer until I discovered Amazing. This one tiny tube covers everything from undereye shadows to spots, pigmentation and broken veins. Usually you need different products for these jobs as they involve covering different colours as well as different skin textures and areas. What I particularly like about AmazingConcealer is that it is lightweight enough to do a sheer cover-up job where you just want to throw a veil over some shadows, but it can also be layered on more thickly if you’ve got a stonker of a spot to cover.

— Alex
10th June 2015

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