The Jinx

If you haven’t seen The Jinx, download it now! Oh, it’s so good. It’s a six-part HBO documentary series that tells the story of Robert Durst, a hugely rich (his family own swathes of New York real estate) and strange man who stands trial for killing (he says by accident) and dismembering his next door neighbour. He is also connected to two other mysteries – the disappearance of his beautiful wife, Kathie, in 1982, and the murder of his best friend, Susan Berman, in 2000. In short, Durst is a suspected serial killer. What’s incredible about the documentary though is Durst’s own participation in it. He gives the filmmakers – director and writer Andrew Jarecki (who made the brilliant 2003 documentary, Capturing the Friedmans) and co-writer and cinematographer Marc Smerling – hours of time on tape, and addresses every question they throw at him. The story is riveting on so many levels, but then, even more extraordinarily, the documentary itself becomes instrumental in the final chapter of Durst’s story, so things begin to unfold in real time. To explain any further would spoil some of the twists and turns of the series, and it really is gripping.  The Jinx was shown on Sky over here, but it’s no longer available on Sky on Demand, so you have to buy the episodes on either i-Tunes or Amazon. It’s so worth it.

For a taster, here’s the trailer: 

Available from iTunes or Amazon for £2.49 an episode
— Daisy
17th June 2015