Sidecar City

London by sidecar – what a way to see the city, whether it’s east, west or central London, as a tourist, a local on an unexpected day trip or… in my case, as a hen – the first puzzle piece in an evening of mystery. I was given helmet and white Biggles scarf (there were goggles too, but I was wearing glasses) to don and hopped in – legs outstretched and really rather comfortable. Cruising the streets of east London in a low-slung sidecar feels quite the way to travel – giving a new perspective on familiar routes. And you feel like a celebrity with all the attention you get – kids wave, hand-in-hand couples point you out to one another, men stop, grannies smile. Chris, master of ceremonies, is a blast: he created his three-wheeled marvel in order to journey from the UK to Brazil for the world cup, picking up numerous guests – not to mention city, country and state stickers – along the way: his Vespa and sidecar are a visual diary of his adventures. Back in London he’s continuing the adventure – he ferries friends, couples (with one passenger in the sidecar, one riding pillion) and solo fliers around town, to see the sites, to mark a special occasion, or just for the hell of it. A surprise, celebratory, fall-in-love-with-the-city take on London.

Sidecar City
£95 for a 1 hour tour
07746 448685
— Beatrice
10th August 2015