Hepple Gin & a recipe for The Hepple Martini

We have to be honest, we didn’t even attempt a dry January. If you did, however, now is probably the time to get some serious retoxing under way. If you are a gin drinker you’ll want to try Hepple gin, a new British gin, developed by a team including the chef Valentine Warner. Hepple gin uses both ripe and unripe juniper so it has a fairly strong flavour. We’re not alone in liking it, however, as you can find it at The Wolseley among other places. We like it best in a martini and have a recipe to share with you below.

The Hepple Martini

for two, to share.

100ml Hepple Gin
10ml Vermouth (we prefer Noilly Prat)

Chill the martini glasses in a freezer if possible. Otherwise place ice cubes with water in the glasses and stand for at least five minutes.

Place plenty of ice into a small jug, pour in the Hepple and vermouth, stir with a long spoon or table knife 30 to 40 times in a clockwise motion.

Strain into the glasses emptied of their water and ice. If you want to keep it chilled for later then it can be kept in a covered jug or bottle in the fridge.

Cut two small-finger length of lemon peel (with as little pith as possible). Squeeze the zest over the surface of martini and wipe the rind around the rim of the glass and drop into the cocktail.

— Alex Peake-Tomkinson
17th February 2016