Personalised Jigsaws by Bloomfield & Rolfe

Our little one recently received a Bloomfield and Rolfe jigsaw puzzle for her sixth birthday, and she absolutely loves it. As do we. It’s a real keeper, and we’ll definitely order again for other children. The jigsaw, which has 30 pieces, is wooden and sturdy enough that it can stand upright after it’s been put together, rather than remaining stowed away in its box, and it comes with an identical card, which can be used as the picture guide. It’s one of those nice ideas that has been executed exceptionally well, with lots of attention to detail. There are five designs to choose from (and the message can say whatever you like as long as it’s less than 50 characters), including two that are Christmas themed. And while you are on the site, do check out Bloomfield & Rolfe’s other products – bespoke rubber stamps and cards and tags etc. They are all great, and make really good presents.

£25 plus £4 for UK postage
— Daisy
16th March 2016