The Bread Station

We love bread as much as ever but even we have to acknowledge that after eating a lot of it, we don’t feel great. It’s boring but true. We’re yet to find a gluten-free bread that we really love but we were intrigued to hear that the Michelin-starred Danish chef Christoffer Hruskova has set up a bakery in London Fields called The Bread Station, selling bread that is made without yeast. We were not sure how this would work (it turns out that the method is similar to that for making sourdough) but we can report that the resulting wholemeal rolls and dark rye loaves are completely delicious. You can also gorge on them without feeling bloated and lethargic afterwards, which is frankly a bonus. What’s more, Hruskova is offering a range of rather wonderful pastries: we ate a light, sweet poppy seeded roll and a superlative almond swirl for breakfast without feeling slightly speedy and ravenous by mid-morning, which is what usually happens when we have something sweet first thing. These pastries truly are a world away from the glazed, bland items passed off as “Danish” pastries in plenty of British supermarkets. We couldn’t be more pleased.

The Bread Station
Monday to Friday 6am - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 6 am -5pm
Arch 373 Hemsley Place London Fields, E8 3SB
020 7254 7388
— Alex Peake-Tomkinson
21st September 2016