Rocket Gardens

Creating a proper kitchen garden is always hovering in the middle of our to do list – it’s not only organising a space, building beds and making a plan, it’s the inevitable extra work that comes with creating a year round veg plot. Although it’s straightforward, nurturing plants from seed is nonetheless time-consuming. So Rocket Gardens is a bit of a godsend. The Cornwall based nursery grows vegetables and herbs and then ships young plants out in boxes. The nursery’s location on the UK’s most southerly point means that plants can be grown naturally without artificial heat, making them far greener than many large nurseries. But we also love the simplicity of the site too – Instant Gardens are just that – a box full of young plants that can be plonked straight into your beds or borders – or even containers if you are tight on space. There are different boxes for big gardens, small spaces, allotments and fruit gardens as well as individual plants to buy. Or you can sign up for a constant garden which will give you three deliveries throughout the year and a constant supply of fresh produce. It might not be as economical as growing from seed but for the time-pressed it’s a blissfully easy, hassle-free way to grow fruit and veg. One word of warning – as Rocket Gardens suggest do make sure that you have your ground prepared for when the box of goodies arrives. Because plants might be able to travel but they definitely won’t be happy sitting in a dark box for long.



Rocket Gardens
From £2.99 for a pack of ten Cavolo Nero
— Clare
16th October 2016