Kate Moss by Nick Night, September 2000

Hair by Sam McKnight

Sam is one of the top hairdressers in fashion.  He is also one of the nicest people to work with – fun, inventive and extremely talented (note: we used to work with him at Vogue) so we were very happy to visit his exhibition at Somerset House and see him again this week.  You might think that making a show from a hairdresser’s opus would be rather difficult but this exhibition is brilliantly done.  There are backstage sets, costumes and mannequins from the Chanel and Vivienne Westwood shows (Sam was a very early collaborator with Westwood and persuaded the top models to do her catwalk shows).  There is film footage, polaroids from shoots abroad, magazine covers and of course, a section devoted to Princess Diana (Sam did the hair for her ‘new look’ photographed by Patrick Demarchelier).  It’s the small touches that make this such an entertaining, informative show – such as the note from Buckingham Palace saying ‘Sam, the boss needs a haircut when you return’ or the piles of product, brushes and combs that he takes to shoots and shows.  If you have a teenage daughter interested in fashion or have even a vague interest in how the fashion shoots/shows happen, then don’t miss this exhibition.

Hair by Sam McKnight at Somerset House
Until 12 March 2017
Somerset House, The Strand, WC2R 1LA
— Francesca
3rd November 2016