Giffords Circus summer 2017

Tickets have gone on sale for the wonderful Giffords Circus and their tour of southern England this summer.  If you’ve never been, we urge you to hurry and book tickets quick.  It’s circus as you’ve never seen it before – heartfelt, delightful, surprising and absolutely great for kids (with no scary clowns).  The theme this year is Any Port in a Storm, a Baroque inspired show including a Cuban troupe, a Hungarian Csikos rider and a Ukrainian flyer and if you want to catch them whilst they are in London, book for their arrival at Chiswick House from 30th June to 18th July.  Don’t forget also to book for the delicious Circus Sauce restaurant serving 3-course meals that travels alongside the main circus ground.

Giffords Circus 2017
Summer 2017
From £10
— Francesca
31st January 2017