Honey & Co Foodie Talks

We are big fans of the restaurant Honey & Co, their latest venture Honey & Smoke (which has just opened for lunch as well as dinner) and this spring, you can catch a series of talks at their food store Honey & Spice.  First up on Wednesday 22nd March is the cook and author of Acquacotto, Emiko Davies who will be talking about Tuscan food and her rustic, family recipes.  On Thursday April 6th, Olia Hercules will be discussing the food of Ukraine and Eastern Europe as celebrated in her book Mamushka.  On Wednesday April 19th, Bee Wilson will be talking about taste and preference and whether it is possible to adapt our palates (as she wrote about in her book First Bite) and on Wednesday 17th May, you can sample the Mexican cheeses made by Kirsten Schnepp, owner of Gringa Dairy in Peckham.  Tickets to all the talks are £20 and include wine and a bite to eat made by Sarit & Itamar for everyone to try. Books can be ordered in advance and if you e-mail them when you book your tickets, you’ll get £5 off the price of hardback books.

Talks at Honey & Co
Honey & Spice, 52 Warren Street, W1T 5NJ
0207 388 6175
Book tickets at bookings@honeyandco.co.uk Honey & Co
— Francesca
8th March 2017