Zadie Smith

Southbank talks: Zadie Smith to John le Carré

Some of our favourite authors (as well as being some of the best speakers) are taking part in the Southbank’s autumn literary programme this year.  ​John le Carré ​introduces his new novel, ​A Legacy of Spies, ​which sees the return of his most famous Cold War character George Smiley whilst Margaret Atwood, author of  The Handmaid’s Tale, ​talks about how her work reflects the modern world of the Trump era. Naomi Klein​ discusses her new book ​No Is Not Enough ​which looks at the tactics used to get Trump elected and what happens now that he is in power. ​Zadie Smith​ ​reads from her most recent novel ​Swing Time ​and discusses how to write fiction that responds to current events. Nobel Prize winning Turkish author ​Orhan Pamuk​ discusses his latest novel, ​The Red-Haired Woman, ​and the city which has had such an influence on his writing – Istanbul.  The season ends with William Boyd​ who takes to the stage alone to talk about his life as a writer, beginning with his first novel, ​A Good Man in Africa ​(1981) right through to an exclusive reading from his new book of short stories, ​The Dreams of Bethany Mellmoth.  There are still tickets available but they are selling out quickly so do get booking pronto.

Southbank Literary Season
4 July - 6 November 2017
Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, SE1 8XX
From £15
— Francesca
31st May 2017