Nicole Krauss & Claire Tomalin

Two of our very favourite female authors, who are wonderful to listen to in person, are talking about their books.  To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death, Claire Tomalin, will be talking about her biography of Austen (which was published 10 years ago). Tomalin, who has won many awards for her biographies of Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Samuel Pepys and Mary Wollstonecraft, casts her perspicuous eye on Austen and reveals her to be intelligent, sensitive, tough and observant.  Catch her on 26th July at 8pm at Blackheath Halls.  Tickets £10 and you can buy them here.

Secondly, Nicole Krauss is taking part in this year’s Jewish Book Week on 31st August, talking about her latest novel, Forest Dark, about the metamorphosis and self-realisation of two characters, which has received rave reviews.  (If you haven’t read her book The History of Love, go buy it now – it’s a fantastic read).  Again, tickets are £10 and you can book them here.

Claire Tomalin and Nicole Krauss Talks
Claire Tomalin: 26 July, 8pm & Nicole Krauss: 31 August, 8pm
— Francesca
5th July 2017