Our summer beauty favourites

We’ve been reluctant in the past to spend lots of money on new beauty products for summer but having ventured forth and tried a few, we’re now fully convinced that the following items are well worth the splurge.

Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Body Skin Care is an oldie but a goldie. And whilst it doesn’t come cheap, we defy anybody to get streaks with this subtle-smelling fake tan.  We also find the bottle lasts for ages – definitely a good investment. £70 from John Lewis

As we wear Factor 30 on our face in the summer, it can look a little pale compared to the rest of our body.  That’s where Tom Ford’s Soleil Contouring Compact comes in handy.  You can use the highlighter on the top of your cheeks, the pink on your ‘apple’s and the bronzer all over your ‘sun-hit’ spots. £78 from John Lewis

We’ve always found the colour jump between pale winter to sun-kissed summer skin (and everything in-between) rather frustrating but the problem is solved with Chantecaille’s Radiance Gel Bronzer.  Just add as little or as much as you need to your current foundation and you’ve got all colour ranges covered.  £51 from Liberty

At the end of a day at the beach or by the pool when you’ve just showered and got dressed for the evening, we love a spritz of this Spa Relax Super Glow Body Oil.  The smell of sage, lavender and peppermint is both refreshing and calming and it gives your tan a subtle sheen (and we don’t mean greasy shine!) £25 from The White Company

We were lucky enough to be given a sample of this fragrance at an Estée Lauder press day some years ago and it’s such a great smell of summer that we are still buying it now.  A combination of Bergamot, Amber, Tiare Flower, Vanilla and Coconut, we buy the Eau Fraiche for a lighter summer fragrance. £41 from John Lewis

And finally, for the best stay-put waterproof mascara, try MAC In Extreme Dimension Waterproof mascara. It doesn’t clump, covers the lashes evenly and lasts from morning until night. £19.50 from John Lewis



Our favourite summer beauty products
— Francesca
5th July 2017

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