Dry Pedi at London Grace

In a city bursting with nail bars and salons you’d think there wasn’t much that could be new to the business of beautifying your nails and toes. But London Grace, which has bijou outposts in Clapham, Putney, Canary Wharf and Soho (tucked away on West Street, just next to The Ivy) has changed that with its dry pedi. As the name suggests there is no water involved in the 30 minute treatment which leaves feet just as ship-shape as a regular pedi. Instead of a warm footbath there are cooling sprays and lotions as well as all the regular buffing and smoothing. It’s a totally different experience but one that means less bacteria, less wasted water and a longer lasting pedicure – as nails are totally dry when they are painted rather than being pre-soaked. Best of all each salon has a sweet retro bar serving coffees or even a cool cocktail served while ou have your treatment.

Dry Pedi at London Grace
11 West Street, WC2H 9NE
£11 - £40
020 7240 1789
— Clare
18th July 2017