Justine Tabak

If, like us, you’ve been enjoying the new BBC adaptation of Howards End, then you’ve probably also been seduced by the clothes of the bohemian Schlegel sisters. We’ve found that it doesn’t do to interpret the style of an Edwardian bluestocking too literally and don’t feel we could pull off the high-necked, puff-sleeved blouses as amply as Hayley Atwell does anyway. We do, however, long for a long oxblood red skirt or a dress in smart cotton tartan with a black velvet ribbon tie. This is where Justine Tabak, who has produced a small collection of just such clothes, comes in. Tabak used to be the Creative Director at Boden but her own collection is an altogether less pastel-hued affair. All the designs are lovely, although they don’t all work on all shapes – we lusted after the Petticoat Lane dress in mustard micro-corduroy but its tiered ruffles did nothing to flatter our figure. If you’re tall and slim, we’re sure you’ll feel differently. We will, however, be putting the scarlet raw silk Bobbie skirt on our Christmas list. It’s named after another televisual heroine, Bobbie from The Railway Children, who waved her bright petticoat to stop the 11.29 train running into a landslide. If you want to try garments on, rather than just ordering them online, they are now stocked at 99 Essex Road in Islington and at the Tidy Street General Store in Brighton.

99 Essex Road, N1 2SJ
— Alex Peake-Tomkinson
22nd November 2017