The Allbright: London’s New Women-Only Members’ Club

#MeToo has had a timely impact on subscription enquiries to The Allbright, the first all-female private members’ club opening today near Oxford Street. The club has all the makings of a powerhouse with huge ambitions to be a space for women to create, connect and collaborate. The impressive array of celebrity founding members, including Mary Katrantzou and Tara Fitzgerald, will certainly help the launch.

Members have the benefits of rubbing shoulders with mentors and angel investors to inspire and hone your business vision whether you’re a new start-up, in finance or the arts. Or simply want a place to hang with other like-minded women over a drink or a blow dry.

With more than a nod to its Bloomsbury setting, each of the five floors is themed after one of the Bloomsbury set with Virginia Woolf’s declaration that women need ‘to have money and a room of her own’ being central to its ethos. The interiors have been designed by No 12 Studio, featuring jewel-toned velvet, sleek marble, and clean white walls, though each floor promises a different feel. 

What does this new opening mean for men’s clubs of yesteryear and the mixed Soho House we wonder … the dynamics between the sexes is really changing and we are excited. 

Women-only members' club
Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury, W1W 8HF
Membership £750 (under 27s £675) plus joining fee of £300. 
— Annie Reid
28th February 2018