Arabella Preston, co-founder of Votary

For Arabella Preston, the co-founder Votary, the key to good skin is in the cleansing. And it should be done at leisure, not as a chore to get out of the way. “Let it become a cherished ritual,” says Arabella. You just need a few drops of the subtle-smelling Cleansing Oil (rose, geranium and apricot) to massage into your skin and melt inpurities. Follow with a hot flannel to remove the most impenetrable of make-up including mascara. The process is completed with a Toning Serum and finally a Facial Oil.

Arabella’s journey has taken a not all-together traditional route – and that is the beauty of it. Natural products with truly organic origins. Arabella has always embraced change: from PR girl for the ’00s’ lingerie (and sex toys) brand Myla to make-up artist to mixing facial oils in her kitchen. With a black book full of contacts from her make-up days, it is no surprise Votary has already achieved a cult following.

The range includes many oils (and a few serums) to suit different skin types (no one person has the same skin type all the time) including body oil and clarifying oil. The newest products are the Intense Night Oil and to complement this the Votary Intense Eye Oil is launching in September. Arabella lived in London for years and now lives in the Kent countryside.

Favourite London museum/bar/cafe/place to de-stress?

I come up with the kids (age 8 and 10) to the National Gallery. We pick three pictures we want to see and make a beeline for them. My favourite bar has to be the Connaught, and cafe is Princi in Wardour Street. I de-stress at Bamford Haybarn.

Which suncream do you use?

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50+

What are the best foods for the skin?

We live in Kent, ‘the garden of England’ and there are farm shops everywhere, so eating fresh vegetables. Also, you can’t beat a home-grown lettuce. I add our Nutritional Omega 3,6 & 9 oil to make a dressing.

Best app

Flo, the period tracker. If I am having a mad day or feeling a bit odd, I check that and feel more in control.

Best tip for looking good

Ideally you would cleanse both evening and at night. If you want to look especially good during the day, don’t skimp on cleansing in the morning.

— Annie Reid
20th June 2018