Ottolenghi tableware

If, like us, you’re waiting with keen anticipation for the latest Ottolenghi cookbook Simple (released 6th September 2018), then you’ll also be pleased to hear that Ottolenghi are also launching a limited edition set of napkins, tea towels, table cloths and various ceramic platters/glasses.  The table linen is all made from the highest quality, Italian organic linen: woven in the traditional way on a shuttle loom in the northern Italian town of Bergamo (and machine washable!) Designed by the artist Ivo Bisignano with a playful ‘O’ in the centre of each napkin, you can see the linen in use at the Ottolenghi ROVI restaurant and there will also be special Christmas linens on sale later in the year.  Accompanying this linen (and available online mid-October), there are cake platters made in France by designers Jars Ceramistes, serving platters by London based Italian ceramicist BABA and various other glassware and plates.  All are brightly coloured, beautifully made and will add more than a splash of Mediterranean summer to your table.

Ottolenghi Tableware
Plates start from £16.50, linen from £20
— Francesca
5th September 2018