G.B. ENGLAND. LONDON. The Beatles in EMI Studios, later renamed Abbey Road Studios, where many of their most famous records were made, examining the script of the film 'A Hard Days Night'. 1964.

The Magnum Square Photographic Print Sale

We’ve posted about these print sales before that offer museum quality 6×6″ prints for just $100. This year’s sale from Magnum Photos and Aperture is entitled, Crossings and explores perspectives on transition and transformation in photography by over 120 leading artists. Great value for a beautiful collection of works, you’ll have to be quick as the sale runs for 5 days only and closes at midnight on 2 November 2018. Here’s a sample of what’s available:

Rene Burri Magnum Photos

“Go and discover for yourself, because the fantastic thing about photography is that you are able to freeze a moment that can never come back.” 

BRAZIL. Rio De Janeiro. 1960. The Ministry of Health building designed by architect Lucio Costa’s team, including Oscar Niemeyer.

Bruno Barbey Magnum Photos

MOROCCO. Town of Essaouira. 1985.

Hands, a symbol of good luck, on a wall in Essaouira, Morocco. 1985. This image was on the cover of the National Geographic centenary issue in July 1988, as well as on the cover of Maroc (2003), which included text by Jemia and J-M.G. Le Clézio.

Harry Gruyaert Magnum Photos

JAPAN. Tokyo. Crossing in the Ginza district. 1996.

“ Since my first trip to Tokyo in 1996, I have always been fascinated by Japan; it’s so different from China or Korea. The attitude of the people is distinctive. You have an incredible sense of security: school children take the metro by themselves; you have the feeling you could leave your camera in a restaurant or a phone booth and would still find it there when you came back a few days later. There is also such a sense of discipline, like at this crossing where everybody waits patiently for the light to change before moving forward. 

Something else about Japan: nobody looks at you. It’s paradise for a photographer, but after a while you wonder if you still exist.” 

NB. Magnum Photos arrange shipping to the UK via DHL costing $27.30 (delivery in 2-4 days) plus expect to pay around £20 in Customs Duty.

Until midnight 2 Nov 2018
— Daisy Allsup
31st October 2018