Book now to see Marina Abramovic at the Serpentine Galleries

The last time Marina Abramović, the performance artist, presented a new piece at the Serpentine Galleries in June 2014, people were queueing for hours, crying and comparing it to a ‘religious experience.’ Entitled 512, the artist spent 512 hours interacting with the public, in contrast to her 2010 MoMa retrospective, The Artist is Present, in which she shared a period of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her and which also drew long queues of visitors including Lady Gaga.  The Serbian performance artist, writer, art film director and producer often uses her own body or self to examine the relationship between the body and the mind, and the performer and the audience. And her latest work at the Serpentine Galleries, from 19th – 24th February only, continues with these themes but this time with the help of technology.  The Life is a new performance piece lasting 19 minutes in which the visitor will experience an intimate, digital encounter with the artist in a mixed reality scenario. We can’t promise that you will be crying but we do advise that you get booking pronto before you miss your chance to encounter one of the art world’s most fascinating living artists.

Marina Abramović's The Life at the Serpentine Galleries
19 - 24 February 2019
The Serpentine Galleries, Kensington Gardens, W2 3XA
Free but booking is essential
— Francesca
6th February 2019