Brownies 9th January 2013

Delicious Gower Cottage Brownies

In our experience, there are brownies and then there are Gower Cottage Brownies. We’ve yet to find somebody who, once they’ve tasted them, hasn’t agreed that they are the best brownies ever. Made in Wales by Kate Jenkins who started selling brownies to her local shop in 2007, she has gone on to win many awards and now runs a thriving business. Packaged in a smart brown box with tissue paper, the brownies (which are always made to order using local free-range eggs) can be accompanied with a message and will be sent out the same day you make your order. You can buy them with or without walnuts and even gluten-free too.  We’ve ordered the brownies as presents a number of times and find them especially popular with new mothers – or, of course, you can always order them for a party/tea at home.

paul-a-young-2 15th June 2011

Shopping & Food: Paul a Young Chocolates in Soho

Last year, we took upon ourselves the task of tasting almost every single chocolate-coated sea salted caramel in London to find the best ones to celebrate our launch with. The best was, without doubt, by Paul a Young and luckily, as the shop was in Camden, it took a slight trek to quench our sea salted caramel thirst. This week, however, the talented chocolatier has opened a second branch in Soho. A mere hop and a skip for us to chocolate heaven – what bliss! Oh and did we mention, he sells divine brownies and ice cream too?