HEALGEL2 19th April 2012

HealGel for scars, stretch marks and more

A few weeks ago I had three moles cut off and, as they were all just below my collarbone, I was worried about being left with very noticeable scars.  That was before I got my hands on HealGel.  Formulated by 5 leading plastic surgeons (one of whom was Martin Kelly, late husband to Natascha McElhone), this translucent gel feels cool and calming on the skin.  I’ve put it on two to three times a day now and can honestly say that the redness has almost completely disappeared.  I’m not the only person to have discovered it’s beneficial effects either, everyone from Mariella Frostrup to Nigella Lawson has been singing it’s praises and not only for scars but also for stretchmarks, cuts, bruises, spots and more.  So where can you get this wonderful ointment?  Well, it’s so popular that it is currently out stock on their main website but you can get it over the counter at Liberty or on their online store.  Stock up now!