BREAKIN CONVENTIONAsphalte1 credit pierregrosbois(dot)com 31st March 2011

Hip Hop Dance: book now and bring the children to Breakin’ Convention

This will be the third year running that we’ve been to Breakin’ Convention and we wouldn’t miss it. Nor would the children in our lives. Ours are young teens, but kids of any age will love it, and under 5′s are admitted too – so you really can bring the whole family.

First of all, the dancing is amazing. What is it about watching breakdancing and hip hop that is so mesmerising and feel-good? Whatever it is, it’s here in spades – the best of it from around the world, as well as the top UK street dancing crews including Boy Blue Entertainment, who have been going for ten years, and have quite a reputation – for good reason.

Then there is the whole atmosphere. There are DJs spinning decks, graffiti artists spray painting the walls, and plenty of freestyling (improvised break dancing) on every floor – which always gets competitive and is almost our favourite thing to watch of all. It’s basically a three day party where you feel totally welcome and part of things. It’s hard to choose which day to go, but top of our list to see is Chicago Footwork, and Boy Blue, so we’re getting tickets for the Monday and plan to arrive pretty early (doors open at 4pm) to catch lots of the freestyling.

To get a taste of the atmosphere and amazing, and amazingly feel-good dancing, watch this. Makes you want to go, right? Book tickets now because all three days always sell out, and the queues for returns are huge.