bad 16th November 2011

TV: three addictive new shows

You know those TV series that get so under your skin that you spend an inordinate amount of time watching them and then talking about the plot lines with anybody else you can find who’s seen them too? We’re thinking The Wire, 24, and Mad Men to name but a few. Well, here are our latest addictions. First up, The Killing series 2 started recently on BBC4 (see the trailer here, you can buy the whole of series 2 on Amazon from December 19th). We’re talking the original (and the best in our view) Danish version and if you haven’t seen the first series, you must, must, must. It isn’t gory like many detective series (even Midsomer Murders has a serious body count these days) but is really well acted with a cracking script, and, of course, the best array of Nordic woolly jumpers. We’re very happy to welcome it back (even if at 12 episodes, it is half the length of the last one). We hear that BBC4 has recently bought another Danish detective series called Borgen, about the political rise of a Prime Minister. Made by the same production company as The Killing, it also features a ballsy female lead, has won quite a few awards and it’s due to come to our TV screens next year. If you can’t wait that long, then we recommend that you upload an American series called Breaking Bad. When we heard that Zadie Smith was obsessed, our curiosity was piqued. We’ve watched two of the first series so far and are gripped. Don’t be put off by the story line – it’s about a chemical teacher who learns he has terminal lung cancer so turns to making crystal meth – for it’s a truly dark, comic series that makes you laugh and gasp in turn.