Werner_Herzog_Bruxelles_02 10th March 2011

Talk: filmmaker Werner Herzog at Intelligence Squared

If you’ve seen Werner Herzog‘s documentary Grizzly Man (and if you haven’t, do) then you’ll know Herzog’s very specific way of speaking and thinking – how clear he is, even about very complicated things. Of course he’s also touched by madness – you only have to see any of his feature films to know that. It’s a combo that makes for a great speaker.

This talk, organised by Intelligence Squared, will use his new documentary Cave of the Forgotten Dreams (about the unbelievably breathtaking 20,000 year old paintings found in the paleolithic caves of Chauvat, France), and current film project (death row in Texas) as starting points, but as Herzog is as famous for his digressions as his ability to really scrutinise and focus, who knows where he’ll end up and what he’ll take in on the way. Anyway, he’s a legend, he’s being interviewed by Paul Holdengräber, director of LIVE from the New York Public Library and no small fry himself, and there’ll be great film clips too. We call that a full flush.

See here, for a taster of the amazing cave paintings in the Chauvat documentary.