Doves-13 29th November 2012

Stationery: our favourite Christmas cards

How can Christmas cards be so darn tricky to buy?  There are so many out there but somehow so few of them are quite right. We like buying Charity ones and we know that one of these years our eco conscience is going to get the better of us and we’ll switch over to e-Xmas cards but until then, here are our favourite cards for 2012:

Poppy Chancellor, paper-cutter extraordinaire who we have raved about before here, has made a lovely limited edition-run (150 of them) of her special bauble Christmas cards such as this one pictured.  Costing £4.50, you can order them from Poppy on her website here and the best thing of all is that the bauble detaches from the card so you can hang it on your Christmas tree too!

Ok, so Berlin might seem a bit far to go for great Christmas cards but Papier in Mitte, a lovely little stationery shop, has most things available online and only charges 3 Euros to ship to the UK.  Sourced from independent printers, they have a beautiful selection of nostalgic and quirky cards.  Here’s on of our favourites:

Stationery: our favourite Christmas cards

And finally, we’re pining after Ben Pentreath’s homemade garlands and christmas crackers, but we’ll start with his letterpress Christmas Card box set, £18 for 10 assorted cards:

Stationery: our favourite Christmas cards

papercutjpg 9th February 2012

Valentine’s Day: commission a papercut by artist Poppy Chancellor

We were given a paper cut by artist Poppy Chancellor as a wedding present last July, and loved it so much we immediately tracked her down and asked her if she was up for more commissions. And, woo-hoo, she is! We can’t think of a better love token to present to your loved one on Valentine’s Day than one of her papercuts personalised with his or her name and your own message. If you’d like to commission one yourself – for whatever occasion –  check out Poppy’s website to see her range, then email her and she’ll make you something personal and perfect. She works fast but don’t leave it too late because she’s also busy. Prices start at £50 and vary depending on how big and elaborate you want your papercut.