Technology: our favourite iPhone and iPad apps

News: The New York Times (free) and The Guardian (₤2.39) deliver well edited news on the go.

Culture: Love Art (₤1.79) is at-your-fingertips commentary on all the National Galleryʼs pictures; Flixter (free) for details of where and when your favourite films are on; Stanza (free) downloads hundreds of classic books and iTheatre (free) and Gigometer (₤0.59) for booking tickets wherever you are.

General: For those truly addicted, eBay (free) gives you access anytime anywhere, ditto with Facebook (free) and Amazon (free); Nearestwiki (₤1.19) is a brilliant invention that works best in cities. Point your iPhone at any site of interest and it will give you all the local wiki information. In a similar vein is Star Walk (₤1.79), an award winning app which will tells you which stars you are looking at. If you’re stuck on the tube, pass the time with Scrabble (₤1.79) and if you’re at a loss at what to cook, there is always Nigella (₤4.99).

And for the iPad only: Flipboard (free) puts all your social networks such as Twitter and Facebook onto one flippable magazine. Very addictive.

— Tia
16th September 2010