Food: Cressida Bell’s Recipe Chart

This cookery poster is inspired. It teaches you to make wonderful, proper food, day after day, with minimal shopping and cost. It works like a flow chart. Stage one tells you to gently fry an onion. In stages two and three you add ingredients like beans or chicken, garlic, herbs or veg—depending on what you have to hand. You end up with dishes like bolognese sauce, chili con carne, and minestrone, plus a good founding knowledge in how to build a meal from scratch. We first saw this chart at Bell’s studio several months ago and fell on it. Apart from being extraordinarily useful, it is great looking. No wonder, since Bell is an acclaimed artist and designer. Surely, we asked, she was going to make it available to everyone? She was, she said, and now, here, she has.

Cressida Bell's recipe chart
— Daisy
13th October 2010

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