The Clock by Christian Marclay 2010, © The Artist. Courtesy White Cube

Art: Christian Marclay’s The Clock

This is amazing. It’s a work of art in every sense. Basically, it’s a 24 hour movie made up of thousands of clips showing clocks or referencing the time, from the movies. Every kind of movie you can think of. Each clip corresponds to the exact time of day that you are watching it, so the whole thing acts as a giant clock. That makes is sound a bit tricksy, and it is an amazing feat of editing—but it is also contemplative and moving and mysterious, and like any good work of art, it takes you out of time. You watch it on giant sofas in the darkened White Cube gallery, for as long or as little as you want, and more than anything it is totally engrossing and fun. Mostly the film has been screened between 10am and 6pm, but due to huge demand, the gallery is remaining open round the clock for 56 hours at a time, on three separate occasions, beginning today. A must, must, must see, even for just ten glorious minutes.

Christian Marclay: The Clock 2010. Single channel video. Duration: 24 hours
Gallery open for continuous 24 hour screenings on three separate occasions: Thur 28 Oct, 10am - Sat 30 Oct, 6pm; Thur 4 Nov, 10am - Sat 6 Nov, 6pm & Thur 11 Nov, 10am - Sat 13 Nov, 6pm. Otherwise, gallery open Tues - Sat, 10am -6pm.
White Cube, 25-26 Mason's Yard, St James's, SW1Y 6BU
020 7930 5373
— Daisy
28th October 2010