TV: Modern Family

You may have caught this American comedy about a modern family (stock characters, great writing) on Sky. It’s shot as it were a documentary, and it’s pretty funny. Young teen girls (as in 10 and 11 year olds) love it in the way they love Friends. Great. But here’s a secret tip. If you download the occasional episode from i-Tunes and watch it on your computer in the middle of the day, it becomes about 8 million times funnier and more delicious. It’s like the difference between eating a sandwich you’ve made yourself compared to one made by someone else for you. It’s just better that way. Especially good if you are having a bad day.

£1.89 per episode in standard definition (no need to spend the extra 70p on HD).

Download the pilot (or any episode) from i-tunes.

— Daisy
9th November 2010