Shopping & Interiors: Its Loveliness Increases pop up shop

The author, stylist, designer, plantswoman and gardener Ros Badger has a great eye. Everyone’s always told her she should have a shop and now, from time to time – including this Friday and Saturday – she does. Its Loveliness Increases sells objects, furniture, textiles, ceramics, paintings and ephemera, and is the best pop-up shop we’ve ever been to.

Last time we went, we came away with two 1930s glazed salad bowls, a handful of glass bottles perfect for flowers, a pigeon picture, a 19th Century French sampler, the perfect sized bell jar, and two candlesticks made out of shells by artist Carolyn Brooks Davies. So much, no? But here’s why: because Badger sells (for the moment) from her Herne Hill house (fab house; you’ll love it), her things are not only amazingly great, but fabulously affordable.

Its Loveliness Increases pop up shop
Fri 17 Dec & Sat 18 Dec, 10am - 5pm
79 Holmdene Avenue, Herne Hill, SW24 9LD
— Daisy
14th December 2010