Shopping: London’s best florist

The dreaded Valentine’s Day is upon us. Why, when even if you 100% know for sure that nothing will be arriving through your letter box, is it still crushing when nothing does? Here is what we’d most like on or around Valentine’s Day. Flowers from Scarlet and Violet, please – our favourite ever florist. We thought we’d discovered them by stumbling across the shop in Queen’s Park years ago. Now it turns out Vogue are using them, so we can no longer claim them as a hidden find. They deliver all over London, are cheaper than some of the more centrally based florists, and all their arrangements are fantastic. Vic, who runs Scarlet and Violet has a fantastic eye and will do all kinds of events, grand or small, which is good to know. But finally, our favourite treat is their more informal posies which they deliver in oversized jam jars. Dare to dream.

Scarlet and Violet florist;
Scarlet and Violet, 76 Chamberlayne Road, NW10 3JJ
0208 969 9446
— Daisy
10th February 2011