Orford Ness IV, oil and pencil, by Caroline McAdam Clark

Affordable Art: Piers Feetham Gallery

One of the best things about living in London is having access to so many great works of art. But what if you want to live with paintings and start buying art yourself? Yes, you can put the time and energy into visiting the degree shows and every artist’s studio in town, but that takes a lot of energy and time. That’s a calling. The alternative is finding a gallery run by someone whose judgement and taste you really trust. So far so good.

What is surprisingly hard, though, is finding a gallery that sells affordable and good paintings. We love Piers Feetham’s Gallery on the unfashionable bit of Fulham Road. He’s got a really good eye, and the paintings he shows and sells range in price from about £400 to £4000, but most are under the £1000 mark, so no, not given away, but pretty good value given that these are paintings that will stand the test of time and which you’ll treasure forever. Have a look on his website to see what he is currently showing. We particularly love his group shows.

Note: Feetham is also a great resource if you are looking for a portrait painter or a someone who does murals, Trompe l’Oeil or paints decorative furniture. He also often sells really great ceramics, and the basement of the gallery houses a brilliant picture framers. All in all, a great place to know about and keep in your address book.

Piers Feetham Gallery
Gallery open Tues - Fri, 10 - 1pm & 2 - 6pm; Sat, 10 - 1pm
Piers Feetham Gallery, 475 Fulham Road, SW6 1HL
Paintings range from about £400 - £4000. Most are under £1000.
020 7381 3031
— Daisy
16th February 2011


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