Online: make your own newspaper

Newspaper Club is an inspired website and service. It does just what it says: prints newspapers, only with you as editor. You can go either full colour or black and white, and the content can be anything you like: lots of pictures or columns of text, illustrations or a whole mixture of stuff. The papers are printed every Tuesday afternoon, and it takes about a week for them to then land on your doorstep.

It’s great for school newspapers, as an alternative to a portfolio, or a great way of ‘dealing’ with all your children’s art work, but we fell in love with it when we were given a copy of a paper made by a recently married friend, full of great pictures of her wedding. Every guest was given one (the more papers you order, the cheaper each one is, so ordering piles of them works out as great value), and we all agreed that it’s the ultimate way of sharing photos.

The good folk at the Newspaper Club also recently ran an Evening Class which sold out almost immediately, but we trust this will soon become a more regular thing. Check their website for updates. But if all the above sounds too much like hard work, never fear, they also do a bespoke service in which everything is done for you, so instead of editor you get to play publisher.

Newspaper Club: make your own newspaper
Depends on how many copies you order, but around £1 a copy is the average ball-park figure
— Daisy
26th April 2011