Okido, the arts & science magazine for kids

Okido is great. It’s an arts and science magazine for three to seven year olds, and even typing that sentence is refreshing, given the raft of dolly and tractor mags usually provided for tots. It is published every three months, and each issue addresses a different theme. The current one is all about the weather, but past magazines have covered a diverse range of topics from the moon to robots, muscles and movement to emotion and feelings. It provides great information in an inviting and interactive way (it needs to be read with pencil and crayons in hand), but what makes it so original and appealing is the way it looks. Clearly a labour of love, it is put together by multimedia designer and scientist Sophie Dauvois and illustrated by contemporary artists and designers, so it’s full of great graphics, puzzles, doodles, stories, games and activities. The team behind Okido also run great workshops every now and then, and have been known to have a pop-up shop, where your kids get to do things like make a stethoscope and listen to their hearts, so it’s really worth keeping on eye on their excellent website for details of their events.

Okido: The Arts & Science Magazine for Kids
Published quarterly
Available from many outlets, including WHSmith & Waterstones (see website for full list) or subscribe via website
£4 or £20 for six issues if you subscribe
— Daisy
18th May 2011