TV: Four Rooms

Guilty secret alert! Last night we watched Sir Simon Rattle conducting the Labèque sisters playing Mozart—how’s that for a rare treat—but usually on a tuesday night we indulge in a TV dinner in front of the programme Four Rooms. Have you seen it yet? The premise is simple: folk arrive with something unusual and hopefully valuable to sell – a Tracey Emin print, a Concorde nose, an 18th century tattoo (seriously) – which they offer to the dealers, one at a time, in his or her private room in a bid to get the best price. Sellers meet the dealers in the order of their choice, but a declined offer cannot be revisited. Our favourite dealer is Gordon Watson, who we knew before the show aired (if you are ever in Pimlico do visit his shop at 28 Pimlico Road), and who has, let’s see, the best taste in the country. If he wants something, you will too. He’s great on the show because he’s so clearly still in thrall to the cut of a deal. On last night’s show—the best so far—we watched it on 4oD here – he gets properly huffy when he looses out on a Gilbert and George sculpture. It’s great TV. The whole show is weirdly compulsive—how much would you pay for a preserved bit of 200 year old tattooed skin? – but it’s Watson who is the real star.

Tuesday nights at 8pm on Channel Four
Channel Four
— Daisy
23rd June 2011

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