Jewellery: Turquoise Mountain at Erickson Beamon

Erickson Beamon is one of our favourite jewellery shops for both statement costume pieces and delicate gems (dare to dream, anyway). It is also one of the few jewellers in London with its own workshop, which means you won’t find similar pieces anywhere else and explains why it is such a favourite with Vogue fashion editors, as well as designers from Chanel to Givenchy. But it’s not all catwalks and crystals for co-founder and creative director Vicki Beamon, who spent time in Kabul two years ago teaching Afghan women design students her craft. Beamon went to Kabul as part of the Turquoise Mountain Project, a programme established in 2006 by Rory Stewart, and supported by Prince Charles and President Karzai, to renew traditional Afghan arts and redevelop the country’s craft industry. So far so good. What’s great is that now, two years later, the women Beamon taught have graduated and they are making beautiful and unusual pieces of jewellery. Jewellery which is for sale, oh yay, at Erickson Beamon. Don’t you owe it to yourself just to have a look? And with 100% profit going back to the individual graduate, don’t we owe it to them too?

38 Elizabeth Street, SW1W 9NZ
020 7259 0202
— Daisy
30th June 2011