We signed up to Notanotherbill on a whim and because we liked the idea of someone, somewhere sending us something that wasn’t, indeed, another bill, even if we had to pay them to do it. Then we forgot about it, until that is, a fabulously but not over extravagantly wrapped package (nothing about Notanotherbill feels self-indulgent or wasteful) landed on our doormat. What a treat. Another arrived a month later – something different but equally charming, and a third pressie a month after that. What’s great about Notanotherbill is that the presents you receive aren’t junk. We won’t tell you what we got, because part of the pleasure is the surprise, but honestly each thing is seductive, quirky, and well and lovingly made. You get a note with the gift too, telling you where your present has been sourced, so it’s great way of finding out about innovative British design companies and good shopping websites. We’re signing up again because not only is the monthly thud worth it, but the presents are fabulous, whether to keep for yourself or regift for those folk in your life who are difficult to shop for.

1 month: £15, 1 year: £160
— Daisy
14th July 2011