Food: The Sushi Chef – the best Japanese food at home

We went to a hen night recently – a smallish dinner at a friend’s house – and the hostess had done this thing of genius: she had hired a sushi chef, thus elevating the dinner party into the most scrumptious, luxurious, delicious, spoiling evening of all time. You wouldn’t think it would make that much difference, having an actual chef working quietly away than, say, a really excellent Japanese takeaway at home, but it does. It really, really does.

The Sushi Chef – the company our friend used, after much research – is great. You can use it simply for delicious home delivered sushi, for sourcing and buying Japanese ingredients, for sushi lessons, or, best of all, to hire an aforementioned Sushi Chef. The company are also fish wholesalers, providing restaurants like Nobu with their fish, so you can be sure their ingredients as well as their standards are top notch. The food we ate was absolutely some of the best Japanese fare we’ve ever had, and you don’t have to have actual sushi if you don’t fancy it: if miso black cod or tempura is more your thing, they do that and more too. Of course, hiring a brill sushi chef isn’t cheap, but nor is it prohibitively expensive if you compare it to eating out at a good restaurant. We can confirm, however, that for a special occasion it is totally worth it.

The Sushi Chef
020 7735 4207
— Daisy
15th September 2011