Restaurants: Cuisine de Bar by Poilâne

There are several hot new restaurants opening this autumn, from Mishkin’s, the latest offering from Russell Norman, the brains behind the Polpo and Polpetto, to The Delaunay from Chris Corbin and Jeremy King of The Wolesley. First up though is Cuisine de Bar from Poilâne, the delicious Parisian bakery and family business set up in 1932 that used to supply bread to Dali and Man Ray, and still makes it just the same way today, entirely by hand. Their first eating venture outside of Paris is just behind Sloane Square and opened at the beginning of November. With dark green walls, white-washed floors and a small tree in the middle of this light airy space, there’s a Scandi/NY feel to it and a delicious smell of bread that envelopes you as you walk through the door. You can sit at the bar, at bigger tables or at cute singlettes (a seat and table all to yourself) and order from an all-day dining menu. There’s toasted brioche for breakfast, an array of tartines to order for lunch (from Welsh rarebit to Mackerel) followed by classics like apple tart, and light supper dishes such as smoked duck burger. If you like the Daylesford Café in Pimlico but with a French twist, then you’ll love Cuisine de Bar.

Cuisine de Bar by Poilâne
Open from 7 Nov 2011, 8am-10pm daily with last orders at 9.30pm
39 Cadogan Gardens, SW3 2TB
Tartines from £6.50
— Francesca
3rd November 2011