Film: The Artist

With a story reminiscent of Singin’ in the Rain, the chutzpah of Bugsie Malone, and the flapper-chic style of Louise Brooks, French director Michel Hazanavicius’ film can’t help but utterly charm you. A hubristic morality tale, it’s about a silent movie star during the advent of the ’Talkies’ who believes he is bigger than the industry that created him. Only the love of a young rising star can save him. It’s a simple tale, beautifully executed – for the film itself is silent, save for a powerfully undulating score that sweeps you along. This is a film that strips away the hocus pocus of blue screen, 3D and CGI, and what’s left is pure, old fashioned film-making – the kind that had the London Film Festival audience we saw it with clapping and cheering in unison. Watch the trailer below and then, we can’t urge you strongly enough, book your tickets now!

The Artist
From 30 Dec 2011 at selected cinemas nationwide
— Francesca
15th December 2011